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Books That Are Unreadable

Hi everyone! Late last year, I read a book that was incredibly dull. It had no characters and no plot -- why? Because it was a history lesson -- a fictional (or is it?) history lesson of our entire solar system. I got about 20 pages into it before I almost snapped my neck and broke my nose.

Little known fact: you can actually die from reading a book.
So what book was it?

It was this:

Why did I even bother buying this book? Well, I was devouring a lot of Arthur C. Clarke during that time and saw a book called Last and First Men by a writer named Olaf Stapledon that featured a quote by Clarke on the cover:

"No book before or since has ever had such an impact on my imagination" Arthur C. Clarke

And the cover was very striking so I bought it instantly. The book is considered by some of the greatest sci-fi writers to be one of the most imaginative books ever written. It spans 2,000 million years (what's that? 2 billion?) and according to Kim Stanley Robinson, "there is nothing else in all of literature quite like Stapledon's two cosmological novels."

Here's the back of the book featuring a quote by Stephen Baxter if you're interested:

And here's the other book by Stapledon that's considered even more epic, Star Maker (it's also got a pretty awe-inspiring cover and a quote by Arthur C. Clarke).

 "Probably the most powerful work of imagination ever written."
Arthur C. Clarke

It's a shame I won't be able to read it because of the way it's written. At least it will look good on my bookshelf.

So have you read any books that made you want to shut your eyelids? Or maybe you couldn't read it because you had to open a dictionary every twenty seconds? Or perhaps because it was in Elvish?

If you know of an unreadable book, let me know (warn me and others) by posting a comment below. You could save a life by doing so. And time. And money.

Thanks for reading!

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Until next time, something wonderful awaits!

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