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Movie Reviews of the 2014 Oscar Best Picture Nominees

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted anything, but I'm back just in time for the Oscars! Below are my thoughts on all the movies (except Nebraska) nominated for Best Picture ranked from worst to best.

This is without a doubt my least favorite of all the Oscar nominees. It's directed by Paul Greengrass (The Bourne films, United 93) so you know it's going to be a good movie. And it is. And you also know it will have a lot of shaky camerawork — which I hate. I just HATE, HATE, HATE shakycam. I don't get headaches easily like some people, but I would prefer to watch something that didn't look like the cameraman was masturbating furiously while shooting it. Screw you, Paul Greengrass! And get a tripod, dickhead.

This is a "meh" movie. It's entertaining and all, but it's not a movie I'll remember in five years. Actually, I've almost forgotten what it was about. So what was it about? Something to do with Christian Bale's fat beer belly? Amy Adams' annoying British accent and her pleasant cleavage? Jennifer Lawrence's equally impressive cleavage? Bradley Cooper doing something something . . . ?

Ahh, who gives a fuck. It's the movie equivalent of those celeb gossip magazines you read while waiting at the doctor's.


Steve Coogan and Judi Dench absolutely nail their performances in this film about Irish nuns selling people's babies back in the 50s. It's sad, funny, and ultimately, a very moving story based on real events. When you're not moved to tears, you'll be laughing because Coogan's a funny dude.

Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. Matthew McConaughey. He absolutely deserves the Oscar. When you see how much weight he lost for the movie — his skinny thighs and chicken legs — you realize: "Holy fuck! That is skinny! And not thin like a catwalk-type stick figure, probably even be thinner than that. It couldn't have been healthy."

As for the movie, it's like Schindler's List, but instead of Jews, you have AIDS-affected people. It is one of only three movies from 2013 that truly moved me to tears without being sentimental (the other two being Philomena and 12 Years a Slave).

4 - HER
Is it possible to love a computer — or more precisely — an operating system? If so, is it possible to have sex with an operating system? That question sounds fucked up — but this movie proves that when your operating system is voiced by the irresistible Scarlett Johansson — you won't hesitate to ponder that question. Her is also my pick for Best Original Screenplay. It really deserves it.

Sex. Drugs. Money. Sex. Drugs. Money. Orgies. Drugs. Jonah Hill's penis. Drugs. Sex. Drugs. Money. Masturbation. Yes, the lifestyle of a Wall Street stockbroker. But what's the point of it all? Why watch this? Is it okay to enjoy all these scenes of sex and drugs knowing that a lot of people actually got fucked over in real life for this movie to be made? Yes. That's the crucial aspect of it — you must enjoy it.

Without spoiling the movie, the genius of this movie is very subtly made apparent in the very last scene. It may go over most people's head completely, but for the ones who do get it, you'll understand why The Wolf of Wall Street is an important and must-see film.

I've talked quite a bit about the movie here. But I'll repeat myself anyway because it deserves it. I can't think of a bad thing about the movie, except maybe . . . it's not long enough? That's how good the movie is. I hope it wins Best Picture at the Oscars tomorrow.

Easily my favorite movie of the year. This is the kind of movie giant cinema screens were made for. What else can be said about it? Well, it features some of the most dazzling sequences of beauty and destruction ever! How would I sum up Gravity in one word? WOW! 

And the other nominee? Nebraska? Yeah, I haven't gotten around to it yet lol

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