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26 Awesome and Terrible Movies You NEED To Watch

Hi everyone! When I'm not writing my future bestselling novel, I'm devouring everything movie-related. Here are my thoughts on some movies I've watched recently. A lot of them are great, some not-so-great and some are just awful.

Rivendell, the most gorgeous place in Middle-Earth and my future retirement home.
As a huge The Lord of the Rings fan, I'm ashamed to admit that I unexpectedly (no pun intended) fell asleep in the first thirty minutes. Thankfully, I regained consciousness and entered a state of hyper-awareness and loved almost every minute thereafter. One day, I'm going to retire and spend the rest of my days in Rivendell because it's drop-dead gorgeous -- both the scenery and the Elven people. My two highlights include the captivating Gollum scene and last shot of Smaug that makes you take every precaution to stay alive until December next year for the next installment!
- 9/10

I wouldn't mind living in a video game world. It seems like an easy life.
Delightful and sweet. The movie does for the video game world what Toy Story did for the toy world. When you slept at night, you wondered what your toys got up to. Wreck-It-Ralph brought up the same kind of feelings and emotions that I felt some fifteen years ago when I first watched Toy Story. I do have one gripe with the movie and it's a lousy complaint, but I'm starting to get tired of happy endings in kids movies. I'd like to see a kid's movie where half the characters die at the end. 
- 8/10

Okay women, they're all yours.
I'm 100% sure I'm a straight male but I have to admit I was 100% entertained seeing fit, tanned and oily guys taking their clothes off. If you remove all the topless guys and examine the movie, it's just about average guys just trying to make a life for themselves and that's something most people can relate to. It's a great movie.
- 7.5/10

Kelly Reilly plays a heroine addict in Flight and is stunning, with or without drugs.
If you watched the trailer for this movie, you expected it to be a mystery or supernatural thriller but it turns out to be a movie about overcoming a drug and alcohol addiction. I have to get this off my chest immediately: Kelly Reilly is the hottest heroine addict ever! Denzel Washington gives a superb performance as always and John Goodman shows up in a few scenes and absolutely nails his role as well uttering a great 'motherfucker' that'll make Samuel L. Jackson proud. For all the guys out there, the opening five minutes is a sight to behold!
- 8/10

One of the most visually exciting sequences in any movie this year but I would hate to actually live in that world.
When I watched the epic and wonderfully edited trailer for this movie earlier this year -- I immediately ordered the David Mitchell novel that it's adapted from. So how's the movie? It's sublime and awe-inspiring. At nearly three hours long, the movie wasn't long enough. I would loved to have watched a four or five hour cut of the film. This movie also contains the worst make-up effects I've seen in any movie for maybe the past decade -- it really is that bad. But it's definitely the most profound & beautiful movie all year. I can't wait to see it again.
- 9.5/10

Aubrey Plaza. Great actress. Look at those big eyes.
This was the most surprising movie of the year. It's an indie time-travel movie with a smart script and characters that are all sorts of weird but by the end of it, you really care for them. Aubrey Plaza has these gorgeous eyes and gives these weird facial expressions throughout and if she was murdering cute little puppies -- you would still like her. If there's one indie movie to support this year, make it this one.
- 8/10

Daniel Craig and some bad guy fight in front of a giant jellyfish. The most visually impressive scene in Skyfall.
This was one of my most anticipated movies of the year and it didn't disappoint. After the incredibly lame and badly edited Quantum of Solace, Daniel Craig is back and better than ever. The action scenes are superbly shot by the legendary Roger Deakins and it really shows, especially the Shanghai assassination scene which is very Blade Runner-esque. I didn't really care for the new Q (Ben Wishaw) and the Bond babes were disappointing because the chemistry they had with Daniel Craig wasn't full of spark and charm like they were in Casino Royale. I guess it's the writer's fault for creating really bland characters, except for Javier Bardem, who is a great gay villain. The scene where he rubs Daniel Craig's thigh is hilariously creepy.
- 8/10

Maggie Grace is wondering if she should cut her own leg off.
The opening chase of the movie has a stylized look to it that's painful on the eyes. It looks like a videogame from ten years ago. I'm not sure why the filmmakers did this, they must've been hungover that day and said: 'Ahh, I'll not give a fuck. I really can't today.' The rest of the movie is ludicrous but fun. It's been described as Escape From New York set in space and it's a perfect description, though Guy Pearce's character is one hundred times funnier than Kurt Russell's. It would be a very enjoyable movie to watch with a bunch of friends on a lazy Friday night or even by yourself.
- 7/10
Jennifer Lawrence in a tank top, and she just saw her parents having sex. Well, it looks like she did.
This movie was panned by critics (11% on Rotten Tomatoes) but I didn't think it was that terrible. It actually had some nice suspense and Jennifer Lawrence looked good in a tank top, just saying. I guess it's an okay movie if you've seriously got nothing else to watch and the twist at the end is good. I honestly didn't see it it coming.
- 5/10

Bradley Cooper will hunt you down and kill you if you don't buy quality pet food.
I'll say no more about this movie except it's a must-see just for the scene where Bradley Cooper almost kills a guy at a supermarket checkout because the guy didn't buy his pet top-notch pet food. It's one of those scenes that will go down in cinema history and also Tarantino-esque because it's slightly chilling and ridiculous yet hilarious at the same time.
- 7.5/10

The best black and white movie this year.
Tim Burton's latest movie is quite touching because it's about a dog that dies and gets revived. Five years ago I accidentally caused a dog to get hit by a car. It was midnight and I rode my push-bike home from my cousin's house down the road. The street was very darkly-lit and I couldn't see anything. As I was 200m from home, I could hear a pack of dogs somewhere ahead of me. Once I got closer, the dogs heard me coming and bolted in all different directions. Unfortunately, a car was driving along the road at that same moment and one dog felt it's brutal impact. It was devastating. If I had ridden slower maybe the dog wouldn't had hit the car? To hear the dying cries of a dog is haunting because it sounds exactly like a human baby crying. And when I watched the dog-dying scene in this movie, I had to hold back the tears. But how's the movie? It's great. Definitely Burton's best in quite a long time.
- 8/10

That's actually Ben Affleck if you didn't notice. He plays a Hispanic guy in Argo. Incredible.
One of the best reviewed movies this year (96% on Rotten Tomatoes) but I think it's a little overrated. I think it's Ben Affleck's weakest movie out of the three he's now directed -- the other two being the great Gone Baby Gone and the brilliant The Town. It's quite a lot of fun seeing CIA agent create a fake sci-fi movie but apart from that, it's typical suspense 101 stuff which Affleck does quite well, but it's not exactly mind-blowing like I hoped it would be. There's also this incredibly lame character development stuff about Affleck's relationship with his son which was agonizing to sit through even though it only lasted for a few minutes.
Note to all Hollywood writers/filmmakers
Please remove all scenes which feature a protagonist sitting there wandering about his/her family because it's extremely boring to watch.
- 8/10

Joseph Gordon Levitt actually got seriously injured making this movie. You get to see it in the end credits.
A fun and ridiculous bike courier movie with impressive bike stunts and 75% convincing CGI. I've never actually had a better time hoping bike couriers get hit by a car because you know what? They deserve it. They're reckless. But as long as it's a movie, it's perfectly fine by me so they can be as douchey as they want. Joseph Gordon Levitt stars alongside Michael Shannon (General Zod in the upcoming Man of Steel) who is completely over-the-top, but rightfully so in an over-the-top movie.
- 6/10

Anna Kendrick resembles a certain type of animal, like how Richard Gere looks like Lassie.
If you liked Glee then you'll like this movie. I can't stand Glee anymore (I used to watch it) but I found this delightful. Anna Kendrick has one of those faces where if she were to play a serial killer -- you would never believe her because she's the human version of cute puppy dog. And the funniest character all year is Fat Amy played by Rebel Wilson. The rest of the cast are all good and the music is a delight. This will probably become a much-loved movie like Bring It On.
- 7.5/10

Judge Dredd: I sleep with my helmet on. I even have sex with my helmet on.
Not as entertaining as the original with Sylvester Stallone and Rob Schneider. Karl Urban and Olivia Thirlby give a good enough performance but I can't see myself watching this movie a second time and getting any joy from it like I do with the original. I think there's a tad too much shooting in this which gets boring after twenty minutes. What I do love are the Dredd bikes the Judges ride. They're really sweet-looking. I want one!
- 7/10

Now I understand why Russell Crowe wanted to be in this movie.
I've got no idea as to how and why Russell Crowe is in this movie. Thinking about that is more engaging and entertaining than watching the movie itself. The movie is at times unbearably bad and by the end of it, you just don't give a shit about the movie anymore and you're still wondering why/how Russell Crowe was in the movie.
- 6/10

Ashley Greene and her boyfriend getting ready to fight an angry ghost. The ghost is angry because he's in a terrible movie.
The movie starts off promisingly, setting a great tone but goes downhill from there. It doesn't just go downhill, it digs itself into the ground and keeps heading towards the center where Earth's core will burn and bury it forever. It has the worst ending all year. Apart from seeing the attractive Ashely Greene, I can't think of anyone else who would seek out this movie except Tom Felton fans and Costco employees because half the movie takes place inside a Costco store.
- 3/10
Rebecca Hall trying to seduce people.
Bruce Willis and Vince Vaughn star in this mildly entertaining but super-forgettable film about the world of bookmaking/gambling. And Rebecca Hall has never looked better, she's absolutely beautiful in this as well as half-convincingly playing a ditzy brunette. It also stars Joshua Jackson in case there are Joshua Jackson fans reading.
- 6/10

Adam Sandler's 13 year-old self has a relationship with his teacher. Every 13 year-old's dream come true.
Not the best Adam Sandler movie nor is it the worst. It's incredibly immature but I laughed a lot. If I was thirteen years old and watched this for the first time it would instantly be my favourite movie ever.
- 7/10

In the year 2054, the Zombie Apocalypse will occur and Milla Jovovich will have just finished making Resident Evil 25. By applying her zombie-killing acting skills to kill real world zombies, she helps save planet Earth from total annihilation. I knew the Resident Evil movies would be good for something.
Another year, another Resident Evil movie that dares the viewer to actually give a shit about what Milla Jovovich's character is up to these days. As long as people are still paying for these movies, then they'll keeping making them until there's a Resident Evil 25 and you now what? I'll be content with that as long as Milla Jovovich is still gorgeous. She seems to get better looking as the years pass. Apart from staring at Milla Jovovich, there's absolutely nothing else in the movie that elicited any emotion or feeling from me. The movie will look good showcasing TVs because it has fancy effects and Milla Jovovich who will stop shoppers in their tracks and make them want to buy a TV.
- 5/10
The Wachowski Siblings (no longer appropriate to call them the Washowski Brothers because the one on the left, Larry Wachowski, had a sex change and is now Lana Wachowski.)
This a great documentary by Keanu Reeves (ah-ha so that's what Keanu is up to these days) as he interviews people in the film industry about the state of shooting movies on film as opposed to shooting on digital. It seems like Christopher Nolan and his cinematographer Wally Pfister (what an amazing surname) are the only people left in the world who are actively supporting shooting movies on film instead of digital. There are some really good pros and cons that are brought up but ultimately, I think it's better to embrace the new and evolving technologies instead of sticking to the past. Technology changes and people must as well. It's simply film-making equipment where talking about, but Nolan and Pfister seem so close-minded to the new digital revolution that if you didn't know, you'd think they were opposing a new bill in congress that was trying to make it mandatory for people to eat with their hands instead of using knives and forks.
- 8/10

Stunning scene from a stunning movie.
Simply jaw-dropping. I sat there and for the first time in my life, my mouth was wide open and my jaw was being pulled to the ground. The movie captures all facets of humanity as well as the natural and stunning landscapes of Planet Earth. It really is breathtaking. I can't believe it's taken me this long to watch this. The opening close-up shot of a baboon makes you ponder your own existence and fully captures the quietness and stillness of life.
- 10/10

One of many visually appetizing scenes from Samsara. Imagine what you could do with all those hands.
This is the follow-up to Baraka but it's simply not as good. Sure, there are images in the movie that will stay with me and make me ponder the universe for an eternity, but as a whole, it's not as impressive as Baraka. My favourite scene in the movie is a night-time helicopter flyover across some city. It's dazzling and awe-inspiring because it makes you wish you had a jetpack so you could explore a city at night from two hundred meters above ground.
- 9/10

The best water slide ever.
This was my most anticipated blu-ray purchase of the year. The movie looks stunning in blu-ray. The 3D is good, but not the best. The shot of Sydney Harbour at night is screensaver-worthy. But it's not just the visuals that hold up -- the story and script really stand out along with the funny voice-work from Ellen DeGeneres and whoever played those seagulls and sharks. The movie also moved me like it did so many years ago, especially when Nemo gets reunited with his father. The bonus features on the blu-ray are also a lot of fun. You get to see the filmmakers being goofy as well as getting great insight into how much effort went into crafting one of the best Pixar movies ever.
- 9/10
Santa's son writing letters on behalf of him. Nice sweater.
I decided to watch this on Christmas Day and what an inventive movie it is. I loved how the design of Santa's sleigh is modeled like the Enterprise from Star Trek. That's really cool. The story is quite touching too.
- 8/10

Yeah, I really need to hit the gym. Thanks a lot, Daniel Craig, you make us all feel like hippos.
I decided to watch this again before seeing Skyfall. The chemistry between and Eva Green and Daniel Craig is the highlight. If the next Bond movie contains the charm and humor of this combined with the action of Skyfall, then it'd be a perfect Bond movie. I also may need to hit the gym after watching the scene where Daniel Craig comes out of the water.
- 9/10 

Some big movies that I plan to watch in the coming days and weeks include: Les Miserables, Django Unchained, This Is 40, Zero Dark Thirty, Gangster Squad, Life of Pi, Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Killing Them Softly, Rust and Bone, Alex Cross, The Sapphires, Lawless, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Jack Reacher, ParaNorman, Hitchcock, Killer Joe, The Impossible, Silver Linings Playbook.
Thanks for reading and have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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