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Early 2013 Contender For 'Best Movie Trailer That Shows You Everything' Award

Hi everyone! I think it's safe to predict that this new Halle Berry movie won't win any Oscars next year. Halle Berry's career has gone downhill ever since she won an Oscar back in 2001 for Monster's Ball. The 'Oscar Curse' is alive and thriving.

All actors/actresses should pray they never win an Oscar - especially if they're good-looking. Why? Take Leonardo DiCaprio for example. The guy dates supermodels/Victoria's Secret models, has many millions in his bank account and is definitely better looking than Clint Howard. Leo's been nominated many times but has never won -- but if he did -- it would be too much of a good thing. If I was in Leo's shoes and won an Oscar, I might retire from acting then suffer a long depression because I've achieved all my goals in life.

NOTE to all Academy voters: Do NOT vote for Leonardo DiCaprio until he's at least 55. I want to see more Oscar-worthy performances from him for the next twenty years and don't want to see his career transform into Halle Berry's or Adrien Brody's.

NOTE to Leonardo DiCaprio: Even though you deserved a nomination for Django Unchained, I'm glad you didn't get one. Keep it up buddy, don't get slack.

Here's the trailer for The Call. I'm confident I don't need to see the actual movie when it comes out as the trailer itself is the movie.

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