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MOVIE REVIEW: Fast and Furious 6

Hi everyone! Fast and Furious 6 is the most exciting film I've seen all year!


Vin Diesel, trying to seduce Paul Walker with his biceps (which seem to get bigger with every new Fast and Furious movie).

You should watch it because it features one of the most epic and awe-inspiring headbutts in the history of cinema. Who performs this headbutt? It's none other than Vin Diesel, a man with a very nice bald head.

Vin Diesel loves wearing singlets in the Fast and Furious movies.
Let's get one thing clear: this is a brainless film. I'll warn you now, don't even bother examining the plot or the countless scenes that defy logic and physics because it's a waste of time. It's not that kind of a movie, so just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.


The choreography and staging of the action is masterful. Just when you think the filmmakers couldn't possibly top the amazing scene you just witnessed, they come right out and pummel your eyeballs with something better, and better, and better and better. It just keeps going on and on and is a pure joy to watch.

Tanks, cars and Tyrese Gibson flying through the air. What's not to love?
You'll have a huge smile on your face when your eyes are glued to the screen watching a tank drive over puny little cars, then you'll realize that the innocent drivers of these cars have probably been crushed to death, but since it's so much fun to watch, who cares?

What I love about the action scenes is that it's fresh and original. There's genuine creativity and inventiveness in this movie that is mind-boggling to witness. I can only bow down and admire every stuntman and special effects guru who helped make this movie. Bravo!

Michelle Rodriguez has a very hardcore and intense fight scene with Gina Carano.
You don't need to see any previous Fast and Furious movie to enjoy this latest one. All you need to know is that Vin Diesel and his crew are like The Avengers, but with 11/10 driving skills. But if you have seen the other movies -- this movie is just as good as the previous one, Fast Five.

What are you waiting for?

Go watch it!

My rating: 9 out of 10
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MOVIE REVIEW: Fast and Furious 6 Reviewed by Unknown on 13:53 Rating: 5
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