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Do You Love Dick?

Hi everyone! Do you love Dick? I know Paris Hilton and Sir Ian McKellen certainly love Dick, and Ron Jeremy definitely loves his Dick, but I'm not thinking about that Dick nor am I talking about Dick Cheney

I'm talking about Philip K. Dick, the man behind some of my favorite movies, including Minority Report, Total Recall, A Scanner Darkly, Blade Runner and the very underrated The Adjustment Bureau.

I wonder if Philip K. Dick loves being a Dick to everyone.

If you've never seen Blade Runner, go grab a copy on blu-ray, sit down then witness a thing of mesmerizing beauty.

Minority Report is Steven Spielberg at the top of his game.

That hilarious eye-popping scene from Total Recall.

So there's no doubt I love to watch some Dick (and eyeballs).

But I've never actually read any of Dick's books and I'm planning to change that. Why? Because it's time I stop looking at Dick and start reading and thinking about Dick all night long.

So do you like Dick? If not, why? I'm sure everybody can handle a bit of Dick in their life. 

Thanks for reading!

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