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MOVIE REVIEW: Man of Steel

Hi everyone! I love comic book/superhero movies but Man of Steel is just an awful film.


Superman and Lois Lane touching each other in a corn field.
Okay, let's start on a positive note. The first 20 minutes of the movie take place on Krypton where you witness the birth of Superman and the death of Krypton. It resembles Avatar's Pandora but with a gritty, fantastical element to it. It's spectacular and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Russell Crowe wearing cool-looking Krypton gear in a cool looking chamber.
Russell Crowe. Kevin Costner. These two Robin Hoods give a touching, affecting performance even though they have very limited screen time.

The new Superman suit isn't too bad. I would definitely wear it to the supermarket to do my weekly shopping.

The screenplay. Almost every problem with this movie can be blamed on its writer, David Goyer. I think his dog ate half the script. When it was time to film the movie, he just handed them what was left and the director, Zack Snyder (who is all style, no substance by the way) just said: 
"Fuck it, let's film it anyway!".
There's a lot of destruction in this -- a whole city gets wiped out. I estimate that tens of millions of people died. If you're a sick bastard who gets off on that kind of stuff, this is your dream movie, but if you're not, then you'll sit there bored out of your mind because you don't give a fuck about any of the characters or innocent civilians (including Superman himself) because there's almost zero character development.

Michael Shannon as General Zod. This is also a glimpse at the sci-fi-ey goodness in the opening 20 minutes.
The action scenes become tiresome after a while when it's just the same shit over and over. Superman punches a bad guy through a building. Bad guy does the same thing back. Repeat the same sequence 5 times and amp up the noise level to "unbearable" and you have a cinematic viewing experience that is the complete opposite of "fun".

Antje Traue with her cool-looking headgear.
A lot of the scenes feel disjointed. There's no visual flow to it. At almost 2.5 hours, it feels like a lot of the movie was cut out. There are also occasional lines of dialogue that are laughably bad. The movie has an emotional depth and complexity that a porno casting agent would possess.

There's a "good" movie somewhere in this mess, so I'm hoping it might show up in a longer cut of the movie.

Man of Steel abbreviates to MOS. If you accidentally mistype it as POS, that's pretty close to what the movie is.

Man of Steel is an early contender for one of the worst movies of the year, along with A Good Day To Die Hard.

Note to casting directors: Don't cast Morpheus in your movie if he does fuck all in it. Waste of an awesome screen presence. Man of Steel is not even one tenth as good as The Matrix.
And Amy Adams is no Teri Hatcher, just sayin'. :)

MY RATING: 4 out of 10
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MOVIE REVIEW: Man of Steel Reviewed by Unknown on 23:21 Rating: 5
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