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BOOK REVIEW: NRPD: The mean streets by Nick Burrill

Hi everyone! This crime comedy with a touch of sci-fi and the supernatural is easily the best book I've read in years.


This book is fucking brilliant.

One thing you need to know is this: It's a very funny book. I lost count of how many times I laughed out loud. The characters are so likeable and the author, Nick Burrill is a master of humorously inventive metaphors.

When you're not laughing, you'll be turning the pages to have your mind blown and zapped by the many thrilling plot twists.

I've read a lot of books that are great for the first half, but then slowly go downhill from there -- not this book. It has one of the most epic and satisfying conclusions in recent memory in any form of entertainment, whether it be a book, TV show or movie.

The ending feels as if you're having an orgy where you're having the greatest pleasure of your life and you say to yourself: "Surely this possibly couldn't get any better? Can it?" -- Well, it does. It feels like an extra twenty people just joined your orgy and your excitement levels skyrocket to a realm where you could possibly die from having too much pleasure and enjoyment.

And any book that has a prospect of having a sequel should always have a bang-on killer last line -- which this book most definitely has. It injected me with a feeling of overwhelming anticipation for the next installment that I haven't felt since the first time I watched Back to the Future or The Dark Knight.


For anyone who is interested, that's a photo of my brand new car, a 2013 Toyota Corolla Ascent Sport. It's got a reverse camera, which helps me run over people in reverse more safely. I usually strain my neck looking back every time I run over slow elderly pedestrians walking in front of my house.
About two months ago, I bought a new car. I had to go the bank to get the loan approved. Before I even got my loan approved, I had to endure 3 torturous days of sitting inside the bank just waiting for about an hour a day before I even got to speak to the bank person.

There's not much to do inside a bank, and my seat that was always available gave me the best view of a plain yellow wall with obnoxious ads promoting the bank's other products. It was fucking boring x1000

If I was mentally unstable, I would've tried to rob the bank by using my credit card as a ninja star to slice off people's necks just to stay awake. There was a point where I contemplated just going home and forgetting about the car. But then I pulled out my phone and checked out the brilliant Amazon Kindle for Android app on my phone.

I decided to read NRPD and was surprised by how funny it was. Then the book switched gears and took me on this wild and tense ride where you're with some firefighters as they fight a fire in a train tunnel. At that point, I was sold. I thought: "Wow. This is a fucking good book."

I was gripped and glued to the book whilst sitting in my mildly uncomfortable chair just staring down at my phone swiping it's screen every five seconds. I was in the same position for almost a whole hour. If you were roughly a crocodile's length behind me, you'd think I was staring at my groin and pleasuring myself or something. In fact, I was, but instead of my massive penis, it was Nick Burrill's masterful NRPD on my phone that my fingers were stroking.

A personal note: If you have a huge love for Middle-Eastern style kebabs like I do, you'll get a huge kick out of one chapter in particular. And there's also a delightful paragraph on fish fingers (fish sticks).

As an author, the biggest compliment I could give from one author to another is that this book really inspired and helped me to re-think and re-analyze the novel that I'm writing (due out sometime this year). I won't be satisfied with myself if my novel is not as good as NRPD, because Mr. Burrill's book is up there with some of my personal favorites of all time, including The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut and Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke.

So what are you waiting for? Go buy a copy of NRPD: The mean streets now! Go on, buy it!  

Buy it now! You'll love it.

You can follow +Nicholas Burrill on Twitter: @Nugus_Bottomley

Nick is also a nurse, like Gaylord Focker.

And check out his blog:

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And a shitload of other books on my shelf and kindle. I can't wait to read them all!

Thanks for reading!

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Until next time, something wonderful awaits!

BOOK REVIEW: NRPD: The mean streets by Nick Burrill Reviewed by Unknown on 15:48 Rating: 5
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