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Hi everyone! Here's my review of Pacific Rim, which some have labelled as this generation's Star Wars.

The star of Pacific Rim, Charlie Hunnam. There are three scenes in the movie where he's shirtless. Gay guys and women, take note.
This was one of my most highly anticipated movies of the year. Why? Why wouldn't it be? It's giant fucking robots fighting giant fucking monsters. I love that stuff. One of my favorite movies as a kid was that kick-ass Power Rangers movie where Van Halen's 'Dreams' plays near the end of the movie. It's sublime! So how was this movie? Well, it's disappointing.

My main disappointment with the movie is the lack of 'awe' that you'd expect from a movie featuring monsters and robots that are as tall as skyscrapers.

In Jurassic Park, you really believed in dinosaurs. In Independence Day and Spielberg's War of the Worlds, you really believed that aliens were attacking.

Puny Aussies! You will all die!
The movie never feels 'real' where you believe this could actually happen. Real world landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge and Sydney Opera House get attacked, yet it always feels like you're watching someone playing a video game.

The two actors who play the 'Australians' in the movie have some of the worst Australian accents I've ever heard.

Charlie Day plays a mildly annoying scientist.
Another problem with the movie is Guillermo Del Toro's directing style. During the dialogue-heavy scenes, the pace really drags because he shoots it as if it's a TV show. It's pretty frustrating. You feel as if you're watching a bad direct-to-DVD sci-fi movie.

If Pacific Rim was released five years ago, it would've been a groundbreaking movie. But in this year of 2013, you feel like you've seen it all by now.

Charlie Hunnam, holding a mop getting ready to clean the house.
Pacific Rim isn't a 'bad' film like Superman Returns, but it isn't that great either. Overall, I just wasn't blown away by the movie, but if you're really into giant robots and that -- you'll probably instantaneously ejaculate throughout the movie.  

MY RATING: 7 out of 10
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MOVIE REVIEW: Pacific Rim Reviewed by Unknown on 12:12 Rating: 5
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