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Hi everyone! I've seen Gravity twice now and can safely say it is the best movie of the year!


A masterpiece.
This will be the shortest movie review I've posted yet. Why? I want to let the movie speak for itself because it truly is a work of art.

There are so many stunning and beautiful scenes in the movie that your eyeballs will simply overdose—like the view of Earth from space, the Aurora Borealis, the terryfying but gorgeous destruction of a space station (not a spoiler), to the pants-stretching sight of Sandra Bullock floating in zero gravity in a pair of tiny shorts.

If you want to truly understand how much I love this movie, check out my Twitter feed where I've re-tweeted well over 200 Gravity-related tweets lol
MY RATING: 10 out of 10

Go see the movie and thanks for reading!

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Until next time, something wonderful awaits!

MOVIE REVIEW: Gravity Reviewed by Unknown on 11:23 Rating: 5
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