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How To Waste 2 Minutes of Your Life

Hi everyone! Are you being too productive writing your masterpiece? If so, how about slowing down? Do you want to waste some time? If so, watch this terrible animation I created back in April 2006 that will surely waste two minutes of your life:

What a steaming piece of shit ey? So is there any point in me wasting two minutes of your life just then? Yes, there is.

I worked tirelessly for two weeks straight on the crap you just watched above, and back then, I actually thought it was really good. But looking back, I didn't spend enough time planning it. It was rushed.

So whatever you're working on, whether it be a song, a novel, a script, a film, or a genetically engineered hamster—make sure it's the best it can possibly be because the last thing you'd want is to waste someone's precious time. Life's too short to be watching or reading crap.

But if for some odd reason you found my animation above to NOT be a waste of time—but even entertaining—then this entire post has been utterly pointless. :)

Thanks for reading!

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Until next time, something wonderful awaits!

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