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MOVIE REVIEW: Ender's Game

Hi everyone! I watched Ender's Game this weekend and was not happy with the movie at all!


The problem with the movie is that it's not a movie—it's simply a series of scenes—and this method of storytelling doesn't work for two hours straight.

Here's what director and screenwriter Gavin Hood (now on my Hollywood blacklist) did: he simply copied and pasted the book into screenplay format without elaborating or extending any scenes to give them more depth. Instead, everything is overly condensed, which fucks up the entire movie.

The movie feels like it's been sped up. Like at the start of a TV show: "Here's what you missed on last week's episode". Overall, it feels rushed.

There's also almost zero character development. You never get any sense of Ender's genius side, the pain and isolation he goes through, and just about about every other human emotion. It's all sterile and empty. You really couldn't give a fuck if Earth gets destroyed by the buggers.

If the movie was strictly aimed at YA audiences, then it's merely adequate, but for adult audiences, it's pretty frustrating. I read the book and loved its powerful message of compassion. I was hoping the movie—if handled correctly—would become an all-time classic that could rank alongside Full Metal Jacket or any other war movie, but no, it doesn't even come close.

I guess I was asking for too much especially when Gavin Hood was the director. I wonder how much the dude got paid for this? The movie's budget was around $100M, so conservatively, Gavin Hood would've got paid at least $5M for this movie. 

With that money, he should pay off any mortgages and invest the rest of it wisely and enter an early retirement.

His Wolverine movie was fucking mediocre and now with Ender's Game, it's pretty clear the guy doesn't have what it takes to handle big budget Hollywood movies.


Gavin Hood
, please stay the fuck away from adapting great books into movies. Actually, please leave Hollywood. Don't fucking touch another film ever again. 

As for me, I'm looking forward to another adaptation of Ender's Game sometime in the future, if it ever happens.

I'm pretty sure I'm not invited to Gavin Hood's Christmas party this year.


Thanks for reading!

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