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Some Movies I've Watched Recently

Hi everyone! Just posting quick reviews on some movies I've watched recently along with some movies from 2013.


"I work out."
This is the worst movie I've seen this year. Terrible script, dreadful dialogue and lame acting. I couldn't wait for the volcano to erupt and kill everyone. The only good bits are the battle scenes and Kiefer Sutherland's slightly hilarious performance as the villain. And if you're into shirtless guys and abs, there's no shortage of that either.
—  3/10

"This year's Mardis Gras will be the best one ever!"

If you want to watch ultra-fit shirtless guys fight each other for two hours, then this is your movie! Thankfully, there's a wonderful performance by the lovely Eva Green and her breasts, which balances out the overload of abs and biceps. And if there was no slow-motion used in the movie—it would only last 40 minutes. I'm not kidding!
—  7/10

Judging by the trailer, this movie looked like complete shit. But it piqued my interest because they filmed all the car chases and action scenes without using any CGI. And the result? Quite impressive. But the rest of the movie? It's surprisingly not that shitty. The story is crap, but the movie never takes itself too seriously, so overall—quite enjoyable.

—  7/10


Such a convoluted story and vampires aren't cool anymore. Anyone who writes another fucking vampire story should be sent to prison. But the lead actress, Zoey Douche, is quite a good actress and also quite good looking, so I enjoyed the movie.
—  5/10

There comes a point when you realize certain actors need to alter their current path or else they'll become irrelevant. Vince Vaughn is one such actor. He needs to take on a really dramatic role or something because after a while, you get sick of Vince Vaughn playing Vince Vaughn, especially in a really mediocre film like Delivery Man (also an ultra-shitty movie title).
—  5/10

Suspenseful. Fun. Enjoyable. Ridiculous. This was one of my most anticipated movies of 2014 because it had a really cool premise—and it didn't disappoint.
—  7.5/10

This movie is so gory that my two younger sisters left the cinema halfway into the movie. I've never seen the first movie, but this was kind of enjoyable in a sick and twisted way, because I'm also sick and twisted in my own way.
—  5/10

The original is way better. The only thing I like about this remake is Samuel L. Jackson uttering another classic "motherfucker" line. It's pretty funny!
—  6/10

Frodo Baggins is a master piano player who will die if he plays a wrong note at his concert thingy. Love that premise! Movie could've been much better.
—  6/10

I only watched this for the divine goddess known as Summer Glau. She turned this movie from a 4/10 to a 6/10. Summer Glau, call me!
—  6/10

It's like Alien, except the aliens are fucking zombies as well. This was a huge fucking disappointment!
—  5/10

Cate Blanchett definitely deserved her Oscar for her performance in this. Her character is quite "something". It's a Woody Allen film, so that means really interesting characters and great dialogue.
—  8/10

There's a scene in this where a character rolls down a mountainside that is just painful to watch. You see and hear every scratch, cut, bruise and bump that occurs as he falls. It's a memorably nasty scene. The true story that the movie is based on is quite moving. I'm pretty sure I shed a few tears at the end.
—  7.5/10

The Raging Bull versus Rocky Balboa. What more could you ask for? Throw in some Kevin Hart and you've got yourself a mildly entertaining two hours.
—  7/10

Just like Grudge Match, this is also another completely forgettable, but enjoyable two hours. You also get to see Redfoo gyrate his crotch in front of Robert DeNiro's face—that has to be some kind of cinematic achievement, right?
—  7/10

Just like Grand Piano, this is another movie where the premise alone sold me. When you have Stallone and Schwarzneggar in the same movie, you'd expect it to be awesome. Is it? It's halfway there.
—  6/10

I laughed my ass off in this and I'm not ashamed to admit it.
—  8/10

This is a documentary that takes a look at Indonesian death squad leaders and it's one of the most eye-opening and chilling films in recent years. There are a couple of stunningly surreal, bizarre and downright scary scenes. My words won't do some of the images justice. You have to see it. And I'm definitely never going to Indonesia! Fuck that!
—  8/10

Thanks for reading! This weekend, I'll have a review of that new Russell Crowe movie where he kidnaps animals onto his one-hundred dollar yacht. Look out for it!

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Until next time, something wonderful awaits!

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