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Lovely NEW Photo From Iron Man 3

This cool photo from Iron Man 3 is striking. I really love comic-book movies that use real locations rather than CGI backdrops. One complaint I hear from friends who aren't into sci-fi or any CGI-overloaded movie is that it's fake. It's just made-up shit that has nothing at stake for the characters, and as a viewer, you ultimately become disinterested. And you know what? They're right. But with real locations, this changes because it grabs you. You feel like what you're watching can actually appear on the daily news, even if it is a guy flying around in a red metal suit shooting laser beams at people. And I'm sure the Chinese will absolutely love this movie because the villain is Mandarin.

Iron Man in Beijing from the set of Iron Man 3
The second Iron Man movie had that amazing Grand Prix set-piece which was the best scene in the whole movie. The joy of scenes like that is it takes something so cartoonish and makes it feel real. If you were at a Grand Prix, you could easily visualize what would happen if a crazy dude with lightsaber-type whips came rampaging through. It's a shame not all CGI-driven movies can be like this, for example: the final battle of this movie became a dark, murky and ultimately boring CGI sequence.

Mickey Rourke strutting down the Monaco catwalk.
The cinematography in The Dark Knight remains the best I've seen in any comic-book/superhero movie ever. This shot below from The Dark Knight is one of my favourites from the movie. It takes place right after a gas explosion scene where one character dies. It's a moment of visual poetry. It's a stunning shot and just one of many more in the movie. It's photographed by the wonderful Wally Pfister (yes, what a brilliant surname for a porno) and I still feel he deserved his Oscar for The Dark Knight much more so than his work on Inception.

Batman contemplating life.
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