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NEW Trailer For Michael Bay's PAIN & GAIN Looks Ridiculously Fun!

When it comes to Michael Bay, most people either love him or hate him. I absolutely love most of his movies but despise some of them. The ones which were a bore and a struggle to get through were Pearl Harbor and Transformers 2 -- they were quite dreadful. On the bright side, he's made some of my favorite movies including Armageddon (which I know a lot of people hate) and The Rock (C'mon Sean Connery's in it. Do I need to say more?) and the Bad Boys films were also a lot of fun.

This new trailer starring Dwayne Johnson (I still like to call him The Rock) and Mark Wahlberg (always a funny guy, even when he's trying to play a serious role) looks like he's heading back into Bad Boys territory which is a wonderfully welcome move on Bay's part because I was getting tired of his Transformers movies. The third Transformers movie had one of the most rushed endings in recent years which really pissed me off because the rest of that movie was quite solid -- it showcased some of Bay's best work yet in terms of staging vast destruction on a massive scale -- something he excels at skillfully.

If you've never seen a Michael Bay movie, this is probably the best way to enter his world:

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